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Make Money over the Internet with a Computer

There are many ways to make money over the internet with your computer.  You don’t even need a website to start making money but I have found that a website sure helps.

This website Make Money is here to provide you ways to make money but at the same time I will be making money while you visit my website. I will be talking about the many ways you can make money online. Believe me there are thousands of companies that you can get involved with or partner with to make money. This is not a get rich quick site but is a site that will provide you with some information that has worked for me over the years. I have not gotten rich yet but I’m working on it. Visit my other website that talks about how to make money in your own home business by clicking this home business link.

Get Rich Slowly one website at a time.

It does help to have a website to get your online business going. Wither it’s a website that you write good content and sell ad space to make money or place ads from Google and Bing and hope that someones clicks on your ads. This is just the beginning and many start out this way. You may make an informational website and sell other peoples items which you make a commission on or you might write reviews and get paid as the author of the article. It takes time to get your online business up and running and people  coming to it. Without people coming to your website you will never make any money.

Make money online with a computer and an internet connection.

Make Money Online

Here at Make Money we will cover many ways to make money online with your website. We will cover selling ad space, Google Adsense, Amazon book sales to writing and selling your own e-book. There are countless ways for you to make money online but many people give up in disgust because they find that all their work only produces a couple of dollars a month.

Many times it is the content in their website that is the problem or is it the items they are advertising. You can have the nicest website in the world but if you don’t have traffic coming to your website then you will never get any sales. It comes down to somewhat of a numbers game. The content of your website may produce $5 for every 1,000 people that visit your site. Then again it could produce $100 for every 1,000 of people. You can have traffic coming to your website but they may not be looking for what you have but if you had people coming to your site that wanted what you have then your sales will go up and your profits go up. You have traffic and then you have qualified traffic.

How important is traffic ?

Without traffic to your website you will never make money.  Qualified traffic makes you more money and pinpoint traffic makes you even more. How are you going to accomplish all this? Find something that people are interested in and then get those interested people to your website. You may have joined a network marketing company that has started you off with a replicated website that is simple beautiful. You look at it and say “When people come here and see this they will want the product and may even like the business opportunity and join with you”. The only thing is that there are thousands of other people that have the exact same company replicated website that you have. So what sets you apart from the other people? Traffic, Traffic, Traffic!!!! Get traffic to you site and your business will grow. We are talking about 100 or more different people to your website everyday.

Maybe your site is an information site like this one is and you don’t rely on a network marketing replicated site. Now what? Well you have to first build a website or a blog site. You have to fill it up with good or better yet GREAT content. You want content that is original and something that people will believe when they read it. Some people just blow smoke and tell you how rich you are going to get if you do these things they have on their website. They try to sell you something that they have reviewed and say this will make you rich in so many words. Don’t believe them. It’s a bunch of bull. They show you their PayPal or Clickbank account with all those sales coming in and tell you that you can do this if you buy this special information, program or up sell product. They are making the money off of you and when you start out you end up spending all sorts of money chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

My goal is to give you no hype information that you can use to start making money online. I don’t care what it is that you get into. We will talk about how you can make money off of your website by just writing about what you know about. Everyone knows something about something that they can share with others. Find something you really enjoy doing and turn it into your first online business by blogging about it and making a little money off of Google or Yahoo ads or ev en putting others peoples ads on it. This is just a start and I want you to be thing of something you really like and then put up a post on it below. Lets get some conversation going on this subject and this will give everyone ideas.

Old websites that have come alive!

There are a lot of people online with websites that they have had for years and their traffic is very low for the most part. Every now and then you will find someone that has a blog or wordpress website that has taken off and the traffic is coming in automatically. I have a website that I made and when I started I was getting about 100 visitors a month. Six months later it was getting about 300 visitors a day and now 5 years later it sometimes gets 400 visitors a day. This is just a site on a state park. I took a lot of pictures and wrote a little content and the people come. The website is also on the 1st page of Google for its search term which brings in the traffic. So now you know what one of the most important things to have in order to make money is, traffic.

Parts of Websites Have Come Alive

Sometimes I find that part of a website comes alive or maybe just one page. I have been doing websites for many years and have had one page on a website get more traffic and stick out better then others. I’m going to give you an example in the next link I put Motor Club Of America - MCAup. I recently have joined a company called MCA or Motor Club Of America. I made two new websites about the company which is a network marketing company. I was searching for MCA and hoping it had a good rank in the search engines. Instead of finding my websites I ran across a webpage on the website called “Improve Gas Mileage”. The webpage was about MCA and was ranked better then the websites. Here is the full link of the webpage which is about Motor Club Of America . I wrote an article some time ago about finding a home business and it was about MCA. That just goes to show you that single webpages can sometimes out rank your website about the same subject. By the way I’m in MCA for the long haul and just waiting for all my websites to blossom and then I will start doing the business. For now I’m working another home business.

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  1. MakeMoney on said:

    This is our newest website and will be one we grow big. To my surprise make money was available as a dot co which is a good SEO domaine extension. It ranks almost as good as a dot com.

    If you have an article that you want me to add to this site just let me know. I will publish and give you a link back to your website. The article will need to be over 500 words. I hope to have this site grow big and get a high Page Rank of at least PR5 or 6.

    Check back as I’m adding more features every day.

  2. AleMoney on said:

    Making money on internet with a computer is the best office work, working from home, but you have to treat it like a real job

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