Network Marketing

Network Marketing  Is Here To Stay

Network Marketing has been around for a long time. It started out being called Multi-Level-Marketing or MLM and now most people refer this business model as network marketing. In the past couple of years people have referred to network marketing as Direct Sales. I guess this name was given to it because you as the sales person are dealing directly with the customer as a representative of the company. Another reason the term direct sales came about is because some companies in this industry have given the term mlm and network marketing a black eye or a bad name. Unscroupulious people and companies with not so good intentions have hurt the business of network marketing. Personally I use the term network marketing freely because I know that this is one of the best business models ever invented.

Network Marketing the American Dream

To believe in network marketing is to believe in the American dream. Where else can you get started in a business for usually under $500 and have the backing of a company at your finger tips? Inventory, online sales site in the for of your own company website, backup and support and much more that if you had to start from scratch or buy into a franchise would cost you so much more. Getting into business and having everything you need to be productive from the start is almost unheard of in a triditional brick and mortor business. To think that for less then $500 you can have all your sales material, inventory, online store and the backing of the company with a customer support center from day one. The headaches of starting the business are already handeled for you by the company you partnered with and the person you have chosen to be in business with, your upline sponsor. Getting started in business has been made easy for you and many people start making money within days of joining a network marketing company. Your website is active the minute you sign up and if you send someone to your company replicated website you start making sales commissions right away. To be able to make money withing minutes of joining a network marketing company is a big plus. Do you know of another type of business you can be making money in this fast?

How does the Network Marketing Business Model Work?

The network marketing business model works for everyone involved. The main company benifits by you as the representative because they have an active sales representative from day one when you join. You benifit because you have gotten into business on a shoe string and all the training comes along with you joining. Most companies have an active online training website along with printed training material for you to use.

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