Backlinks To Your Website From Social Networks

Backinks? What are backlinks?

I hear everyone talking about backlinks and how important it is to have them but so many people have websites and do not have any backlinks.
To see an example of just what a backlink is to Click Here. When you clicked on the link Click Here you were clicking on a backlink going back to one of my social networking sites. This site is considered a backlink in its form in this sentence. Anytime you create a link and it goes to another website it is a backlink for someone. Usually we look at it as a backlink when we are making backlinks for our selves.

Follow and No-Follow Backlinks

A follow backlink is a backlink that lets the search engines follow your backlink to the link it is pointing to. There is a piece of computer programing code that is put in the code that tells the search engines to not follow and if that code is not in the backlink then it is  a do follow link. Do follow links are more important to the search engines then the no follow links.

Social Network Backlinks and Twitter

Social networks like FaceBook, Linkagogo, tmblr and others offer free memberships or accounts. In these accounts you can set up your profile page with your favorite website and sometimes your Twitter account. Twitter is also a social network that will help you in your website ranking. When you send out Tweets from your Twitter account you can add your website link and that will help a little in you search engine ranking. You can use one Twitter account and send out Tweets for several websites. I don’t advise to just run your Tweets constantly like some people do. Your at rish of getting your account shut down. So use your Twitter account like it is suppose to be used.  Don’t become one of those spammers that just send out junk Teeets.

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